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Your Partner in Health, Well-Being & Natural Pain Relief

As a Therapeutic Sound Therapy leader in stochastic resonance treatment technology, Sound Vitality delivers natural pain relief solutions that reduce cellular trauma and remove the barriers to optimal health. We strive to enlighten individuals on the importance of the human body's vital energy field and incorporate patented technologies that achieve maximum effectiveness for accelerated recovery and pain management. Read More...

How It Works

The Infratronic massager dispenses ultra low sound wave frequencies that penetrate the deepest layers of the body’s tissue to dissolve cellular trauma.

The ultra calming sound frequencies combined with a powerful magnet activates blood and tissue, which reduces swelling, enhances the healing process, and eases pain.

More about how sound wave therapy works

"The Infratonic machine is a miracle for helping relieve severe pain..."

"I was literally bedridden and almost out of it with severe pain for two weeks... The Infratonic machine is a miracle for helping relieve severe pain. I don't know what I have done without it both during this extremely painful bout of a sciatica-like condition, and previously for months on end with the severe and debilitating pain of Lyme disease." - Lynn, Corona CA
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