The I-9 is now officially approved by HSA


We are thrilled to announce that the I-9 is now officially approved by HSA. What does this mean for you and your health? If you have an HSA, you may now use this money toward your very own I-9!

What is an HSA?

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are tax-free savings accounts specifically designated to pay for health care expenses. Benefits to having and HSA include:

  • Freedom to decide how much to set aside for health care
  • Control over how the money is spent
  • Unused money rolls over to the next year
  • The money is not affected if you change jobs

Sound Vitality is committed to meeting your needs through ethical and effective solutions delivered in a timely, cost effective manner. We are beyond excited to have this opportunity to provide the I-9 for those in need.


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