Moon of Grace

A Story from Richard~ She became weak. She couldn’t walk. She got to the hospital. There was nothing they could do. They all said she would die. She felt the fear within her. She also felt a choice. It would be so easy to fall into the fear and to fulfill the expectations of the experts.  She felt the overwhelming fear of death. As she examined her faith she...
News and Notes for a Life Full of Health and Vitality – Fall 2016

News and Notes for a Life Full of Health and Vitality – Fall 2016

Wow things have been busy here at Sound Vitality! Thank you very much for all the wonderful calls and emails. We’ve had a very productive summer and are ready to push ahead into the new year. Each of us here feel very lucky because we get to talk to many of you and learn new things. These things include using the Infratonic under your pillow for the last 20...
Evaluation of Infratonic Therapy in Patients with Diabetes

Evaluation of Infratonic Therapy in Patients with Diabetes

Diabetic neuropathy involves nerve degeneration such that patients can experience pain or, more commonly, lose sensation in their legs and feet, making it very difficult to walk. Neuropathy is closely associated with vascular disease – inhibited peripheral blood circulation – which frequently causes ulceration -skin sores that don’t heal. In a study conducted in 2002 we solicited 20 diabetic patients from doctors on our mailing list, and entered them...
Is Your Life Ruined by Lower Back Pain?

Is Your Life Ruined by Lower Back Pain?

The medical studies are alarming: during their lives, most people are affected by lower back pain. This medical condition is responsible for more incapacity and sick leave than any other. Check out the facts: Eight out of ten people have suffered – or will suffer – from this debilitating ailment. Half of all people who experience lower back pain will have a repeat attack within twelve months. Lower Back...

The I-9 is now officially approved by HSA

We are thrilled to announce that the I-9 is now officially approved by HSA. What does this mean for you and your health? If you have an HSA, you may now use this money toward your very own I-9! What is an HSA? Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are tax-free savings accounts specifically designated to pay for health care expenses. Benefits to having and HSA include: Freedom to decide how...

2. Infratonic Therapy Relieves Inflammation, Heals Muscle Damage and Increases Joint Lubrication

When it comes to natural pain relief from chronic joint pain and muscle pain, animal research studies are the gold standard for efficacy because, unlike humans, animals don’t have preconceived notions on healing. Animal studies also provide more dependable research because people vary so much in diet, lifestyle and genetic makeup and condition. The research studies reported here were conducted in 2000 with genetically similar standard-bred horses being fed...
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