1. Influence of Infratonic Acoustical Frequencies in vitro on Glioma Cells

Garret Yount and colleagues at the California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute in San Francisco evaluated the potential effects of the Infratonic device on cultured human tumor cells. Garret’s group reported that Infratonic frequency emissions sensitize human glioblastoma cells to the chemotherapeutic agent 5-fluorouracil [Yount et al., 2004, ]. In a second study Rachlin and colleagues extended these findings by evaluating the potential for Infratonic device emissions to...

2. Infratonic Therapy Relieves Inflammation, Heals Muscle Damage and Increases Joint Lubrication

When it comes to natural pain relief from chronic joint pain and muscle pain, animal research studies are the gold standard for efficacy because, unlike humans, animals don’t have preconceived notions on healing. Animal studies also provide more dependable research because people vary so much in diet, lifestyle and genetic makeup and condition. The research studies reported here were conducted in 2000 with genetically similar standard-bred horses being fed...

3. Evaluation of Infratonic Therapy in Patients with Diabetes

Diabetic neuropathy involves nerve degeneration such that patients can experience pain or, more commonly, lose sensation in their legs and feet, making it very difficult to walk. Neuropathy is closely associated with vascular disease – inhibited peripheral blood circulation – which frequently causes ulceration -skin sores that don’t heal. In a study conducted in 2002 we solicited 20 diabetic patients from doctors on our mailing list, and entered them...

4. Infratonic Therapy and The Immune Response

The first of two studies shows that Infratonic treatment improved symptoms of childhood bronchial asthma. Fifty cases of child bronchial asthma were treated with the Infratonic and routine drugs. The control group of 15 cases was treated with routine drugs only. To determine the effectiveness of the Infratonic treatment the children’s symptoms were evaluated and the T-lymphocyte subpopulation (CD2, CD4, CD8, and CD4/CD8) of peripheral blood was measured. Click...

5. Infratonic Stimulation and the Emitted Qi from Qigong Masters Effects on EEG

By Prof Liu Guolong MD PhD The study of emitted Qi from Qigong masters and the infrasonic qigong simulator (first version of the Infratonic device) started in 1976 Click here for research study. Using Electroencephalograph (EEG) we found solid evidence that a qigong master can induce real physiological changes in brain waves on subjects from several feet away, and further, may help to explain the high rate of recovery...

6. Alpha Induces Cooperative Behavior

In a study of nurses at a nurses convention which involved having them fill out an attitude questionnaire and measuring the physical trembling of their hands we found that people who tremble in the theta range (4 to 8 Hz) tend to separate themselves from those around them and tend to feel victimized. Those in the Alpha range (8 to 13 Hz) tend to view themselves as in service...
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