Frequently Asked Questions

New to Infratonic Therapy?

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions we encounter with patients, physicians and others newly discovering this innovative form of therapy.

What is Infratonic Therapy?

Infratonic therapy sends unpredictable sound waves deep into cells to disrupt traumatic patterns that cause pain. These ultra-low sound waves promote blood circulation, help to reduce inflammation, and accelerate the natural healing process.

How does Infratonic Therapy relieve pain?

Sound waves stop cells from sending pain signals and releasing swelling enzymes, reducing cellular trauma and helping to alleviate pain and inflammation.

What is the I-9?

Our flagship device, the Infratonic 9, focuses on healing at the cellular level, where inflammation, stress and pain originate. The Infratonic 9’s low frequency sound waves and pulsating vibrations calm traumatized cells that have been jolted by injury, surgery or overpowering emotion.

In therapeutic sessions of 10 to 30 minutes, the patient rests with the Infratonic 9 on the targeted area to soothe away the burden of pain, stress, sleeplessness and other conditions that stifle quality of life.

Does the FDA approve of the I-9?

<p><p>Yes. The I-9 is 510(k) listed with the FDA as a therapeutic massager. As such, it is already considered safe and effective for pain relief, promoting local circulation and muscle relaxation.</p></p>

Are there any dangers to using the I-9?

<p>The I-9 offers innovative, drug-free therapy that is completely safe for normal use. However, the I-9 should not be used directly on the leg calf if blood clots are suspected and kept at least 6 inches away from implanted devices, including pacemakers.</p>

Is using the I-9 safe for pregnant women?

<p>Definitely. The I-9 is excellent for treating many of the uncomfortable physical side effects of carrying a child—such as constipation, sore joints, and cramped muscles—as well as for helping to pacify emotional issues, including relieving anxiety, calming nerves, and minimizing mood swings. However, since the effects of Infratonic Therapy on developing fetuses have not been studied, we do not recommend applying it directly over the developing fetus.</p>

What if I don’t notice any results from my I-9 therapy?
I-9 overwhelmingly provides effective relief for most users—sometimes instantly, at other times over a longer period (especially in cases of cumulative illness/injury or chronic pain).

If you don’t think you are benefiting from your I-9, give us a call and we will happily discuss ways to improve your treatment. If you still aren’t satisfied, or you simply don’t like it for any reason, feel free to return your device within 30 days of purchase for a complete refund.

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