How It Works

Relief starts with the cells.

Our bodies are pretty incredible. Sometimes they just need a little help to be at their best.

When your body is damaged, cells get jolted and trapped in a pattern of frenzy that derails their focus on healing.

The sonic waves and vibrations of the Infratonic 9 penetrate down to the cellular level to dissolve trauma and reset cells to their natural patterns, enabling them to calm inflammation, relieve pain and accelerate recovery.

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Cellular Trauma

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Get Relief From...

Pain, Inflammation & Injury

Real, innovative relief.

Trauma sends cells into chaos. The I-9 reaches those cells, returning them to their calm, normal state so they can begin the natural healing process.

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Feel better. Think clearer.

As a therapeutic massager, the I-9 relaxes muscles and tissues while stimulating local blood circulation dissolving stress and anxiety at the cellular level.

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Sleep deeper and longer.

The I-9’s randomized waves and vibrations penetrate deep to calm frantic cells, bringing about a soothing sense of whole-body relaxation that carries you to sleep.

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Infratonic 9

  • Safe & non-invasive
  • Easy to use
  • Accelerates natural pain relief & healing
How It Works

Pain Relief at Sound Vitality

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