It was such an amazing relief…

It was such an amazing relief…

I am a professional business person, but like many people, I experience a significant level of fear AND anxiety when faced with the prospect of public speaking. Recently, I was booked to present to a group of 20 people, and when I woke up the morning of my presentation, I immediately began to experience the familiar symptoms of anxiety and fear. It then dawned on me that the Infratonic 9 has a Deep Calm setting and decided to use it on that setting for the 30 minute drive to my meeting location.

The results were truly astonishing! Upon arriving, I felt extremely peaceful and calm and those feelings of serenity stayed with me for the 30 minutes leading up to and throughout my entire presentation. For the first time, I was able to public speak without any anxiety whatsoever. I felt focused and centered, and my presentation went great! It was such an amazing relief to be able to public speak without any anxiety or nervousness, and I owe it all to the Infratonic 9. I am definitely incorporating the Infratonic 9 as a pre-speech ritual from now on!

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