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Infratonic 9

Our flagship device, the Infratonic 9, focuses on healing at the cellular level, where inflammation, stress and pain originate. The Infratonic 9’s low frequency sound waves and pulsating vibrations calm traumatized cells that have been jolted by injury, surgery or overpowering emotion.

In therapeutic sessions of 10 to 30 minutes, the patient rests with the Infratonic 9 on the targeted area to soothe away the burden of pain, stress, sleeplessness and other conditions that stifle quality of life. Get more details in the Infratonic 9 brochure. Learn more about how it works.

  • Safe & non-invasive
  • Easy to use
  • Accelerates natural pain relief & healing


Scalene Light

A clean atmosphere can be the gateway to elevated moods. The Scalene Light® rapidly and reliably clears environmental spaces of worry, fear and depression, so you can unlock the power of healthy, positive thinking.

  • Promotes calm
  • Clears negative atmospheres
  • Accelerates clear thinking

The Nessor is a device that awakens traumatized cells in the body, bringing them into a plasticity state so they can reduce the reactivity of the person. This is a wonderful tool for anyone who has ever experienced trauma, stress, physical or emotional angst.

  • Helps users achieve a more peaceful, relaxed daily life
  • Helps dissolve unconscious reactivity (behavioral reprogramming)
  • Battery powered and portable


Available for Physicians & Practitioners Only


The VitalRest is a highly effective vitalizing foot rest which combines a gentle foot stimulator with the deep relaxation and extraordinary healing power of Infratonic signals. When you send these signals up the nervous system to the brain, you bring about a large increase in coherent alpha brain waves and healing activity, enhancing neural communication all along the nervous system.

  • Reduces pain and numbness
  • Improves circulation and vitality
  • Promotes deep relaxation


Available for Physicians & Practitioners Only

Infratonic 9

  • Safe & non-invasive
  • Easy to use
  • Accelerates natural pain relief & healing
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