I Am Sold!

I Am Sold!

I am sold on this unit! I was seriously concerned that my wrists wouldn’t hold up at the rate I’m going, but with the I-9, I made it through a week of 40...

An Extraordinary Transformation

I was experiencing debilitating pain following sinus surgery. [ An expert ] suggested treatment with the NESSOR machine. I was in so much pain I could barely concentrate on the affirmations. Following the treatment, I went back to bed for an hour or more. When I awoke, there was no more pain in my sinuses! It had been almost twelve hours since taking any pain medication, so the only...
Grace, pure Grace!

Grace, pure Grace!

I have had my Infratonic 8 machine for around 10 years. The first four years I used it off and on. Then I got really ill about 6 years ago and this machine became my constant companion. I slept with it every night and sometimes during the day when in pain. I had many things wrong with me and no doctor could really tell me the cause. I was...
To my amazement, all dental symptoms disappeared

To my amazement, all dental symptoms disappeared

I suddenly experienced pain when biting on a dental bridge. Since the bridge teeth are related to the lung and large intestine, I placed the Infratonic on both the organs’ sites and teeth. To my amazement, all dental symptoms disappeared and have not returned. As a Holistic dentist, I am highly recommending the Infratonic be used by all dentists for  dental pain, gum diseases, swelling after tooth extraction, TMJ...
In 6 weeks, my shoulder was completely healed!

In 6 weeks, my shoulder was completely healed!

I made started 30 minute sessions with [ Infratonic 9 ] two times per week. I noticed my shoulder was feeling better and better and the pain was going away. In 6 weeks, my shoulder was completely healed with 100% recovery!!  I have not had any problems with my shoulder...
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